Lerins Islands

Lunch or dinner on the boat, between the Lérins Islands

Between the Lérins Islands, we invite you to dine aboard the Pardo 38 thanks to our partnership with a restaurant boat.

The restaurant boat will pair up with the Pardo 38 and cook before your astonished eyes...

Reservations for the chosen menu must be made at the latest the day before the sea trip.

Cocktails entre les îles de Lérins | Can

Cocktails & Wine *

Fresh cocktails, prepared in front of you

Mojito (Classic, Strawberry or Passion) 35cl | € 12.5 incl.

Virgin Mojito 35cl | 10 € incl.

Mojito XXL (Classic, Strawberry or Passion) 70cl | 20 € incl.

Virgin Mojito XXL 70cl | 15 € incl.

Caipirinha 35cl | € 12.5 incl.

Caipirinha XXL 70cl | 20 € incl.

Aperol Spritz 35cl | € 12.5 incl.

Aperol Spritz XXL | 20 € incl.

Chateau Minuty Gold (white, red or rosé) | 40 € incl.

*to consume with moderation

Lunch or dinner on the Lérins Islands

Dishes prepared in front of you

Rib of beef in Tagliatta , Arugula, Parmesan from Gustí and Balsamic | 35 € per person

Burrata from Gustí and beautiful country tomato | 25 €


Norwegian smoked salmon heart (200g) served with blinis and crème fraîche | € 38

Grilled blue lobster (600/800 g) served peeled with grilled vegetables | 65 €

Osciètre Prestige Caviar 100g with blinis and crème fraîche | 175 €

Déjeuner aux îles de Lérins